Poverty, due in part to the lack of economic self-sufficiency, has been recognized as one of the key impediments in the empowerment of society.
WIPAHS is striving to contribute towards sustainable community development. It has programs under Economic Upliftment project which assist the indigenous women group and other individuals to become empowered, and eventually attain sustainable development.
WIPAHS has two different types of economic projects:
1) Material Loans
2) Cash Loans
Sewing machines, bicycles, popcorn machine, candy floss machine are given out as material loans in easy instalments. Also cash loans assists the women group from different walks of life to discover their potentials and rely on their own resources. It helps them to initiate a small scale business which gives them earning to support their family and proceed towards a better life.
Upon repayment of loan, the groups are given opportunity to expand their business with a further interest free grant that leads to better profits and more saving thus securing their children’s future. Most of these women now opt for better learning opportunities for themselves and their children and remove themselves from the shackles of poverty and illiteracy thereby providing productive individuals to the society.
By improving the situation of women, we are simultaneously strengthening the society and enhancing the broader development pros-pects of the country.
It is very easy to provide charity to individuals who come to our doorsteps. However, the aim of WIPAHS is to break the cycle of poverty and enable individuals to reach the levels of self-sufficiency or at least enable a member of his or her family to break the poverty-aid-poverty cycle.
With just a minimum of US$ 50, one can sponsor a small scale business for an individual.


Located in Dar es salam, Tanzania, WIPAHS is serving humanity for the last 30 years and spreading the message of Love and Peace.
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