Tanzania being one of the largest countries in Africa, but scarcity of water is one of the consistent and most crucial issue faced for years now. The situation is miserable in rural villages. According to WHO, one out of six people lack access to safe drinking water in Tanzania.
Water shortage have impact on the wellbeing and economic activities of the community. It leads to poor sanitation, lack of safe drinking water leading to epidemics of infectious diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. As people spend most of their time to fetch water, other economic activities stall and this is a perfect recipe for poverty.
The most affected group are the women and children whereby they wake up early and walk for long distance of 5-10 kms daily in search of water from natural streams or dirty water sources and carrying heavy containers on their heads of about 20 to 25 liters per trip for their household and miss going to school. This directly affects their education.
This chronic water shortage leads to over 10,000 children dying every year from diarrhoea due to unsafe water and poor sanitation in Tanzania. Considering these alarming figures WIPAHS has taken up the project of “Give Water to the Thirsty” since last 30 years ! It comprises of Shallow wells Project and Rota Sludge wells project. Our water projects help communities to gain access to uncontaminated water sources. Shallow wells are dug where there is no electricity. Most probably in villages. People travel miles and miles for fetching water and still end up in drinking dirty water.
In Shallow wells, people use buckets to take out water. In rural areas the most common technology we use are manual hand dug wells. It can sustain a community if 200-400 heads. WIPAHS has dug more than 800 of them already in various remote areas like Bagamoyo,Mkuranga, Temeke, Mwarusembe, Kilwa, Magomeni, Kibada. The cost of this shallow well is between US$ 1500 depending on the remoteness of the site and other factors.
Rota sludge is a new technique of well drilling. It goes more deep than shallow wells. This is new technology of well drilling. We have dug 125 of them. The results are amazing. They are in Ikwiriri, rufiji, kibaha, kiwalani etc. This has been a great boon to the villagers. The maintenance cost is very minimum. The pump is of rope. It does not use electricity and has a longer life. Others have been dug near schools and hospital areas. It uses the hand pump. The cost is US$ 2500 for each well.
One can sponsor a well for themselves or their deceased relatives so that the well can serve as continuous charity and support the hundreds of water deprived people. They get relieved of walking long distances and thus can concentrate on earning a living for their children’s bright future.
We place a name board as required by the donor on the well. Also we encourage any small amount donated for this, which we combine and build a well for various donors.
The full pictorial report is sent to the donor’s email or by post as per his requirement.
Further details can be obtained through email or whatsapp.


Located in Dar es salam, Tanzania, WIPAHS is serving humanity for the last 30 years and spreading the message of Love and Peace.
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