In May 2018, three of our classes sat their final board exams. These were A’level, Grade A (certificate in primary teaching) and Diploma in secondary teaching. Their results were released on Friday 13th July 2018, and Wali ul Asr Education Centre received them with joy and jubilation.

We especially celebrate Wali ul Asr Girls Seminary, which emerged first out of 6 schools with less than 40 candidates in the Coast region and 62nd out of 127 schools nationally. Kiswahili was the best performed subject, ranking 2nd in the region, out of 19 schools and 9th nationally, out of 53 schools. History also did well, taking the 5th position out of 23 schools in the region. Overall, two students scored division 1, five scored division 2, four scored division 3 and one failed, implying 92% pass!

Wali ul Asr Boys’ Seminary on their part came 3rd in the region, out of 6 schools with less than 40 candidates. History recorded the best performance, emerging 7th out of 23 schools in the region, followed by Physics, which took the 8th position out of 24 schools. One student got division 1, five scored division 2, ten scored division 3 and one score division 4. None of the boys failed, implying 100% pass!

The Coast Teachers’ Training College did not fail to impress, as all the candidates passed except one who got a supplementary. Grade A had 18 students and they recorded 14 credits and 4 passes. None of them scored supplementary nor failed. Diploma had 3 students and 1 scored credit, 1 scored pass and the other one scored a supplementary.

We celebrate our achievements and send out heartfelt congratulations to the candidates, their teachers, school administrations and other stakeholders. We look forward to even better performance in future!

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