WIPAHS cater for creating social awareness in the indigenous ladies, secondary students, teachers etc which is a topic that is often left out and un noticed. When we think of charity its always about food, shelter and material aspects, what about the emotional raise? Yes WIPAHS thinks about it.
WIPAHS Ladies group puts all her efforts to guide the less privileged women on the sensitive topics affecting them, like effects of technology, social media, health related issues, domestic issues etc. It organizes seminars, invites lecturers relevant to topics from far and wide including doctors. This sometimes covers more than 2000 ladies per program.
Separate programs are held for secondary students and teachers in which more than 30 neighboring school takes part thus creating awareness in thousands of students.
The students look forward to discuss their issues during question answer session and we always give them an ear and go an extra mile to support and guide them. They really feel comfortable to share the concerns with us and we attend to it.
Religion teaches us to think every day about our fellow brothers in our country and our surroundings. Following this tradition, WIPAHS strives to combat the obstacles in all the fields of complete development. It creates an impact on the people to work more and more towards building the nation together.


Located in Dar es salam, Tanzania, WIPAHS is serving humanity for the last 30 years and spreading the message of Love and Peace.
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