Schools and Hospital Visits

WIPAHS Ladies group organizes visits to hospitals, orphanages, Blind school, Deaf and Mute school and remote villages to share with them the bounties on the special days of the year. Food packets and sanitary items are distributed to them.

Holy Month of Ramadhan

In the month of Ramadhan WIPAHS organizes Food distribution and Iftar projects. WIPAHS Ladies group and also gents group visits hospitals, orphanages, Blind to reach out to them so that the aids reach them.
The program starts with a small lecture on the social awareness followed by dua and distribution of food packets that contain rice, sugar, salt, flour and beans. More than 15000 people get benefitted with these food packets every year and more than 110 Iftars organized every year feeding thousands of students, individuals in Kibaha region and Dar es Salaam.

Books Distribution

Religious books and Quran are distributed to the centres in the remote areas of Tanzania that lack it heavily.

Disaster Relief

WIPAHS is an active participant during the accidents and natural disasters thereby aiding them with all the resources that we have as our responsibility during difficult times of the nation.

Widows and Disabled Assistance

We take utmost care to extend our support to this group as they highly depend on the generosity of the donors for their living and we have a duty towards them while staying in the same society.


Located in Dar es salam, Tanzania, WIPAHS is serving humanity for the last 30 years and spreading the message of Love and Peace.
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