Orphans are one of the most vulnerable groups of the society in Tanzania and in the world at large. This social issue is one of the biggest challenge in front of the society. The figures of the children getting orphaned each day is alarming. The young beautiful souls without mother and father are left at the mercy of the relatives or guardians who themselves being in tight financial position and also sharing responsibilities of their own children continue to face many challenges in terms of upbringing and education. Thus increasing the rate of poverty and reducing the hope for a bright future.
It is in the heart of God to raise orphans and destitute children. WIPAHS considers the duty of all the members of the society to play their part assisting these flowers also bloom with the other children.
The Haven of Peace Orphans Home (HOPE) is registered Orphans caregiving home under the patron ship of WIPAHS and located at the WEC campus.
The Haven of Peace Orphans Home was started in 2008 and it is now a home for about 220 orphans, who have lost both parents. Every year there is intake of 25 Orphans to the center. We take the children from the age of two and half years after all the paperwork formalities, medical tests are completed and the criteria has been met. The children are simultaneously registered at our Nursery schools and the education starts.
Once the children reach the age of Seven, they are transferred to Haven of Peace Home II whereby there are separate accommodation and facilities for boys and girls.
WIPAHS strives to provide these lovely souls a Home environment, comfortable accommodation, education, clothing, medical facilities with lots of love and care so that not only physical but emotional needs of a child is also met and necessary counselling is provided as and when its necessary.
At HoPE, we focus on a different dimension, and that is we look at the complete upbringing of the child. We take this child from the society and cherish, nourish and educate him, God willing we shall hand over this child 18 years down the road back to the society as grown, educated, bread earning individual, thus creating a conscious society which will have less orphans due to avoidable causes.
We indeed pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give the children of HoPE, a hope in life and the future they deserve.
One can sponsor a child for a year or 6 month or for the years to come, according to the convenience. We provide the details of child with academic reports to the sponsor twice a year.


Located in Dar es salam, Tanzania, WIPAHS is serving humanity for the last 30 years and spreading the message of Love and Peace.
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